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Revelation 15


5. So Revelation 11:19 ; compare Revelation 16:17 . "The tabernacle of the testimony" appropriately here comes to view, where God's faithfulness in avenging His people with judgments on their foes is about to be set forth. We need to get a glimpse within the Holy place to "understand" the secret spring and the end of God's righteous dealings.
behold--omitted by A, B, C, Syriac, and ANDREAS. It is supported only by Vulgate, Coptic, and PRIMASIUS, but no manuscript.

6. having--So B reads. But A and C, read "who have": not that they had them yet (compare Revelation 15:7 ), but they are by anticipation described according to their office.
linen--So B reads. But A, C, and Vulgate, "a stone." On the principle that the harder reading is the one least likely to be an interpolation, we should read, "a stone pure ('and' is omitted in A, B, C, and ANDREAS), brilliant" (so the Greek): probably the diamond. With English Version, compare Acts 1:10 , 10:30 .
golden girdles--resembling the Lord in this respect ( Revelation 1:13 ).

7. one of the four beasts--Greek, "living creatures." The presentation of the vials to the angels by one of the living creatures implies the ministry of the Church as the medium for manifesting to angels the glories of redemption ( Ephesians 3:10 ).
vials--"bowls"; a broad shallow cup or bowl. The breadth of the vials in their upper part would tend to cause their contents to pour out all at once, implying the overwhelming suddenness of the woes.
full of . . . wrath--How sweetly do the vials full of odors, that is, the incense-perfumed prayers of the saints, contrast with these!

8. temple . . . filled--( Isaiah 6:4 ); compare Exodus 40:34 , 2 Chronicles 5:14 , as to the earthly temple, of which this is the antitype.
the glory of God and . . . power--then fully manifested.
no man was able to enter . . . the temple--because of God's presence in His manifested glory and power during the execution of these judgments.

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