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2 John 1

SUMMARY.--The Address to an Elect Woman and Her Family. The Commandment of Love. Antichrists. Godspeed Not To Be Given to These Opposers. Greetings.

      7-11. For many deceivers are entered into the world. See notes on /Commentaries/PeoplesNewTestament/pnt.cgi?book=&chapter=000#_" /Commentaries/PeoplesNewTestament/pnt.cgi?book=&chapter=000#_" and/Commentaries/PeoplesNewTestament/pnt.cgi?book=&chapter=000#_" Antichrist. Opposed to Christ. 8. Look to yourselves. Let not these deceivers lead you astray. The full reward. Belonging to all saints who continue to abide in Christ. 9. Whosoever transgresseth. He that lives a life of transgression cannot abide in Christ. Abideth in the doctrine. The teaching, the Gospel. 10. If there come . . . and bring not this doctrine. That of Christ. If he be a deceiver, an opposer of Christ, one who denies that "Jesus Christ came in the flesh." Receive him not into your house. Do not recognize him as a brother and extend to him a brotherly welcome. He is not to be fellowshipped. Neither bid him God speed. Give him no encouragement in his work of destruction. To give him greetings is to wish for his success. 11. For he that biddeth, etc. He that gives him these prayerful greetings and encouragement becomes a partaker, to that extent, in his evil deeds.

      12, 13. Having many things. Though many more things occurred that he wished to write about, he hopes soon to see her and speak face to face. 13. The children of thy elect sister. It is usually supposed that this refers to a sister in the flesh, also one of the elect, whose children, probably grown up and Christians, were at that time with John.

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