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2 Peter - Introduction


      The Second Epistle of Peter is placed by Eusebius among the writings whose genuineness had been called in question by many, and it is not to be denied that there were differences in the early church concerning its right to a place in the Canon. Yet it seems to have been quoted by several of the Fathers in the second century, and in the third the great Origen went so far as to write a commentary upon it. It was finally received by all the churches except the Syrian, in whose translation of the New Testament it was not embraced. Among the modern critics some have rejected it upon various grounds, but others not less able, such as Olshausen, Alford, Bruckner, and Schaff have pronounced it genuine. Upon the whole it seems probable that it was written by him whose name appears in the salutation, but written some time later than the first, near the close of his life, and specially directed against certain heresies which were beginning to appear. If there is some indefiniteness concerning the authorship, there is still more concerning the time and place where it was written. It contains no data for forming a conclusion.