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2 Thessalonians 3

SUMMARY.--A Request for Prayer. A Command to Withdraw from the Disorderly. An Admonition to the Idle. The Salutation with his Own Hand.

      11-13. We hear. The word was brought, no doubt, by the messenger who returned to him. Which walk among you disorderly. By doing nothing. It is a sin to be an idler. God requires industry. Busybodies. "The devil finds some mischief, still, for idle hands to do." 12. Now . . . such we command. Such are solemnly commanded in the name of Christ to go to work, to live quiet lives, and to support themselves. The idlers were restless and meddlesome. 13. Be not weary in well doing. Do not get weary of the duties of life, so as to desire an idle life. Discharge all duties faithfully, whether secular or religious.

      14-16. If any man obey not. Whoever does not obey these charges, let him be noted, withdrawn from. See verse 6 . He must be made ashamed of his course by seeing that it is repudiated by the church. 15. Yet count him not as an enemy. The object of discipline is to save. Compare 1 Cor. 5:5 . Give him kind and brotherly admonition, and let him know the reason for your course. 16. The Lord of peace. Christ, who bestows peace upon all who walk in him.

      17, 18. The salutation of Paul. Here he adds the salutation in his own hand-writing. The Epistle thus far had been written by one to whom he dictated, as was his custom, but he now adds his autograph. This autograph was proof of the genuineness. Their attention is perhaps called to this on account of a spurious epistle ( 2:2 ).

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