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Colossians 3

SUMMARY.--Fellowship with the Risen Christ. Our Lives with Him. Hence, All the Evil Deeds of the Old Life Must Be Put Away. All Distinctions Done Away in Christ. Hence, Brotherly Love Must Be Cherished. The Indwelling of Christ's Word. Concerning Songs. Various Duties.

      12-15. Put on, therefore, as the elect of God. As a chosen, holy and beloved nation, put on these graces. A heart of compassion (Revision), etc. These are all traits of Christ, and must be found in us if he is our life. 13. Forbearing . . . forgiving. How often and earnestly long-suffering and forbearance are enjoined! Nor have we grounds for expecting that God will forgive us unless we also forgive ( Matt. 6:12 ). Christ is our example. 14. Above all these things put on love. If our souls are imbued with love, like that of Christ, it will be easy then to forbear and forgive. The bond of perfectness. All the Christian graces are bound together in love. It is the source of them all. 15. Let the peace of Christ rule. The peace of those who are made brethren in Christ and filled with his love. It must reign in the heart, then it will rule in the acts. This is the peace to which Jew, Gentile, and every race is called in one body. There must be no discord, schism, or factious spirit in the fold.

      16, 17. Let the word of Christ. The word that has been preached to you. Dwell in you. As in a temple. Richly in all wisdom. If we treasure it up richly we will have the divine wisdom in our hearts. Teaching and admonishing. Those having the indwelling word would have ability to teach. In psalms, etc. Teaching and admonishing were to be present even in song. Song was to have another object than to please the ear. It was not for enjoyment, but for edification. The species of song are named here and in Eph. 5:19 . For the distinction, see notes there. Singing with grace. With Christ's grace in your hearts; that is, with hearts pervaded by the love of Christ. 17. Whatsoever ye do. Whether it be singing, whether it be word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus. Neither in worship, nor in his business and pleasures, must be the Christian engage in anything that cannot be done in Christ's name; i. e., by his authority and in prayer to him. This covers the whole life. It applies to conduct, to places of resort, to secular calling. If doubtful, see if you can on your knees ask Christ to go with you and bless you in what you are about to undertake. Giving thanks. The Christian should always be thankful, because if he "does all in the name of Jesus," the Lord will always be with him, and work out all for good.

      18-21. The section from 3:18 to 4:1 , is very similar to Eph. 5:22 to 6:9 . I will refer the reader to Ephesians for fuller notes. Wives, submit yourselves. See notes on Eph. 5:22. 19. Husbands, love your wives. See notes on Eph. 5:25. 20. Children, obey your parents. See notes on Eph. 6:1. 21. Fathers, provoke not your children. See notes on Eph. 6:4.

      22-25. Servants, obey. See notes on Eph. 6:5, 6. 23. And whatsoever ye do. See notes on Eph. 6:7. 24. Knowing that of the Lord. See notes on Eph. 6:8. 25. He that doeth wrong. Whether master or slave. All will be requited, and before Christ, all, master and slave, stand upon the same footing.

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