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John 19

SUMMARY.--Jesus Scourged. The Crown of Thorns. Pilate's Acquittal. The New Charge of the Jews. No King but Cæsar. Crucified at Golgotha. The Garments Parted by Lot. The Women at the Cross. The Mother of Jesus Committed to John. It Is Finished.

      34. Pierced his side. Finding him lifeless, the soldiers did not break his legs, but to make sure of death thrust a spear into his side. Came out blood and water. The water, with clots of blood, can be accounted for only the previous rupture of the heart and the flow of blood into the pericardium, or outer sack of the heart, where it would separate very rapidly into water and clots of blood. Hence, it seems certain that the immediate physical cause of the death of Christ was rupture of the heart.

      36, 37. That the scripture should be fulfilled. See Exod. 12:46 Zech. 12:10 .

      38-42. For notes on the Burial, see Matt. 27:57-66. Compare Mark 15:42-47 Luke 23:50-56 . There came also Nicodemus. This is the third mention of him. See John 3:1 John 7:50 . Both he and Joseph were members of the Sanhedrim. Only John mentions that he aided Joseph in the burial.

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