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Jude 1

      1, 2. Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ. See for his identification. Had he been an apostle, he would hardly have omitted to state it. See Salutations of the Epistles of Paul and Peter. Brother of James. James, "the brother of the Lord," the James of Jerusalem. The brethren of Jesus were James and Joses, and Jude and Simon ( Matt. 13:55 ). Called. Those invited who have accepted are styled the called.

      14, 15. And Enoch also. This prophecy of the holiest man of the antediluvian world might have been preserved by tradition. It is found in the Book of Enoch, a work long lost, but recovered in modern times in Abyssinia, supposed to have been composed the century before Christ. Wherever Jude met it, he was familiar with the prophecy. The seventh from Adam. To the Jew there was a sacredness in seven. Prophesied of these. These blasphemers. The prophecy is quoted. 15. To execute judgment upon all. For a general judgment. To convince. To convict all ungodly men of their ungodly deeds.

      16-19. These are murmurers. They murmur at God's providence and complain of his laws. Having men's persons in admiration. Being respecters of persons for the sake of self-interest. 17. Remember ye the words . . . spoken before of the apostles. The language implies that Jude was not an apostle. 18. How that they told you there would be mockers. See 2 Peter 3:3 2 Peter 3:1 Ti 4:1 Ti 4:2 2 Tim. 3:1 . Last time. In the last dispensation. 19. These be they. Already this is being fulfilled. Who separate. Who separate themselves from God and the communion of saints. Sensual. Living an animal rather than a spiritual life.

      20-23. Building up yourselves. Instead of separating from the faith. Praying in the Holy Spirit. See notes on Eph. 6:18. 21. Keep yourselves in the love of God. By holy lives and prayer. 22. On some have mercy, who are in doubt. See the Revision. The thought is to be very gentle and pitiful to those disturbed by doubt. 23. And some save, snatching them out of the fire. By snatching away from sin by the most vigorous effort. By stern preaching. Some have mercy with fear. Mercifully point out the danger. Hating even the garment, etc. All the while abhorring their sins.

      24, 25. Now unto him. God. Who is able. To work out our full salvation. Before the presence of his glory. In his glorious presence. 25. The only God our Savior. Our Savior "through Jesus Christ." Be glory. Not only glory forever and ever, but eternal and universal dominion.

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