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Luke 18

SUMMARY.--The Widow and the Unjust Judge. The Pharisee and the Publican. Little Children Brought to Christ. The Young Ruler Seeking for Eternal Life. Going Through the Needle's Eye. The Lord's Sufferings Declared to the Twelve. Blind Bartimæus Healed at Jericho.

      11, 12. The Pharisees stood. Stood forth where he could be seen. Prayed thus with himself. Self was the center of his thoughts. Not as the rest of men. Pride and contempt of others are manifest. I fast twice a week. He enumerates his claims on God. He is very scrupulous about fasting and paying tithes ( Lev. 27:30 ).

      13. But the publican, standing afar off. Remote from other worshipers, like a pariah. Would not so much as lift up his eyes. His spirit was so humble and contrite. The Pharisees probably had both hands and eyes lifted up. Smote his breast. An act denoting sorrow. Be merciful to me a sinner. A humble confession.

      14. This man went . . . justified. With his sins forgiven. His prayer was answered; not the proud boasts of the Pharisee. "This parable teaches us the spirit that should pervade our prayers. The first parable encourages us to pray, and faint not. The second reminds us how we ought to pray. Both should be often pondered by every true Christian."--Ryle.

      15-17. They brought unto him babes, that he should touch them. See notes on Matt. 19:13-15 and Mark 10:13-16 . It was the customs of the Jews to bring their babes to the synagogue for the rabbi to lay his hands upon and bless. So says the Talmud.

      18-30. And a certain ruler asked him. For notes on the case of the Rich Young Ruler, see Matt. 19:16-30; also Mark 10:17-31 . The ruler was probably ruler of a synagogue. See Matt. 4:23 .

      31-34. Behold, we go up to Jerusalem. See notes on Matt. 20:17-19 and Mark 10:32-34. Luke adds: All the things that are written by the prophets shall be accomplished.. For some things written by the prophets, see Psalms 16:10 Psalms 22:7 Psalms 16:8 Psalms 49:15 22:7, 8 49:15 .

      35-43. As he drew nigh to Jericho. This was on his last journey to Jerusalem, a little more than a week before the crucifixion. Matthew and Mark Matthew 20:29-34 Mk 10:46-52 also give accounts of the healing of the blind beggar. See notes on Matt. 20:29-34. Compare Mark 10:46-52 . Matthew says there were two blind beggars. "If there were two there certainly was one." Luke and Mark Luke 18:35 Mk 10:46 only name the one who was most active and earnest. Mark says his name was Bartimæus. For a description of Jericho see note on Matt. 20:29.

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