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Mark 1

SUMMARY.--The Mission of John the Baptist. His Preaching in the Wilderness. His Baptism in the Jordan. The Baptism of Jesus and the Anointing. The Temptation. Christ's Ministry in Galilee Begun. The Call of Four Apostles. An Unclean Spirit Cast Out. The Increased Fame of Jesus. Peter's Wife's Mother. Solitary Prayer. Preaching Throughout Galilee. Healing the Leper.

      22. They were astonished at his doctrine. See note on Matt. 7:28. Scribes. For account of scribes see notes on Matt. 5:20.

      23. A man with an unclean spirit. See note on Matt. 8:28. Compare Luke 4:31-37 . The New Testament plainly teaches that demoniac possession was a real and actual possession of the soul by a fallen spirit.

      24. What have we to do with thee? A common Jewish way of saying, "Do not trouble us." Art thou come to destroy us? An admission that Christ came to destroy the devil and his works. I know thee. The demon made a better confession that most of the Jews.

      26. He came out of him. At the command. The whole account shows that there was a real possession by an evil spirit.

      27. They were all amazed. Those in the synagogue.

      28-34. His fame spread abroad. For notes on the increasing fame of Christ see Matt. 4:25; for notes on the healing of Peter's wife's mother, see Matt. 8:14.

      35. And in the morning. See note on Matt. 8:17.

      36. Simon. Peter and the other disciples.

      38. Let us go into the next towns. The villages of Galilee.

      39. Throughout all Galilee. This was the first missionary circuit of Galilee. Galilee was then densely peopled. Josephus says it contained 240 towns and villages.

      40. There came a leper. See notes on Matt. 8:2-4. Compare also Luke 5:12-15 . This miracle occurred after the Sermon on the Mount. Leprosy, that terrible scourge of the East, is unknown in our times, or even in the United States.

      44. Shew thyself to the priest. At Jerusalem. Those things which Moses commanded. See Lev. 14:4-7 , and note on Matt. 8:4.

      45. Came to him from every quarter. Not only to see and hear, but to be healed.

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