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Mark 4

SUMMARY.--The Sower, The Good Seed, The Hard, Stony, Thorny and Good Soil. The Parable Explained. The Candle Under a Bushel. The Seed Growing Secretly. The Grain of Mustard Seed. The Storm on the Sea.

      28. First the blade. There is a law of orderly development in natural growth, so also is it in reference to spiritual growth. Compare 1 John 2:12-14 . Some growths are quicker than others, but in all there is growth. And we have no right to look for the end at the beginning, the ripened Christian experience in the young convert, the full corn in the first appearance of the blade. Observe, too, that we can know that there is growth by its results, though we know not how, and that each stage of the growth is more apparent than the preceding stage.

      29. Immediately he putteth in the sickle. The time of harvest is when the fruit is ripe; in this instance when the word had produced faith, repentance and obedience. Then those who exhibit the fruit are to be gathered into the church.

      31. Like a grain of mustard seed. See note on Matt. 13:31-35. Compare Luke 13:18, 19 .

      34. Without a parable, etc. See notes on Matt. 13:36-43.

      35. On the same day. The days the parables were uttered. Unto the other side. Of the Sea of Galilee.

      37. There arose a great storm. See notes on Matt. 8:23-27. Compare Luke 8:22-25 . The Sea of Galilee lies 600 feet below the level of the Mediterranean, and has a tropical climate. Only a short distance north are the high mountains of Lebanon. The heated air about the sea invites the rush of cold waves from the mountains.

      41. They feared exceedingly. The disciples in the boat. Such an astounding display of power, the control of the storm in which men are as helpless as infants, filled them with awe. What manner of being could he be whom storm, wind, and sea obeyed? They had not yet learned that the word which the sea obeyed was the word in obedience to which the world itself was made.

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