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Titus 3

SUMMARY.--Duties of Christian Life. The Former State of Christians. How God Saved Us. The Bath of Regeneration. The Treatment of Heretics. Personal Directions.

      8, 9. This is a faithful saying. What has been said in the last last four verses . Affirm confidently. That they are saved by the gospel, and hence must live holy lives. Maintain good works. Active in good deeds. 9. But avoid foolish questions. How often this admonition! Genealogies. See note on /Commentaries/PeoplesNewTestament/pnt.cgi?book=&chapter=000#_" Strivings about the law. Disputes over points connected with the Jewish law.

      10, 11. An heretic. A divider, or schismatic. Any one who preaches doctrines which divide the household of faith is a heretic. So is any schismatic or factious man. Reject. First admonish and warn, repeat it, and if there is no change, then refuse his fellowship. 11. Knowing, etc. No one can continue factious unless he is perverted from the truth. This is the only passage in the New Testament where "heretic" occurs, though "heresy" is elsewhere named.

      12-15. When I shall send. Titus was not stationed permanently in Crete, as a diocesan bishop, but was left for a certain work ( 1:5 ), and is now bidden to leave as soon as another is sent to take his place. Artemas. Otherwise unknown. Tychicus. Often named as one of Paul's companions. See notes on Col. 4:7 and Eph. 6:21. Come unto me to Nicopolis. A town on the west coast of Greece in Epirus, so named because Augustus Cæsar gained the great battle of Actium there. It means, "City of Victory." History seems to make it probable that Paul did go there to winter, was again arrested, and carried to Rome to die. 13. Bring Zenas the lawyer. Of him nothing more is known. And Apollos. See Acts 18:24-28 . It was the custom of the churches to help the early evangelists forward on their journeys. 14. Let ours. Our fellow-Christians. This suggests that it would be a good work to aid Zenas and Apollos.

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