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13.7. The Plagues of Egypt and the Tribulation

There is a definite parallel between the supernatural preparation for the kingdom in history under Moses and the supernatural judgments which shall be poured out upon a rebellious world in preparation for the future Millennial Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ at His second advent. There is the same insolent challenge to the true God on the part of the Gentile powers (Ps. Ps. 2:1-3). There will be a similar gracious but infinitely greater preliminary miracle [like Ex. Ex. 7:12]—the Rapture of the Church—warning men of the supremacy of Jehovah and the ultimate defeat of all who rebel against Him. There will be the same swift progression in the severity of the divine judgments which follow, and even a striking parallel in the nature of the judgments (cf. Rev. Rev. 6:1-17+ through 18). There will be the same victorious outcome, the destruction of the antichrist and his armies in the judgment of Armageddon, and deliverance of the people of Israel (Rev. Rev. 19:1-21+). There will be another song of victory, significantly referred to as ‘the song of Moses. . . and the song of the Lamb’ (Rev. Rev. 15:1-3+).2

2 Alva J. McClain, The Greatness Of The Kingdom (Winona Lake, IN: BMH Books, 1959), 56.

3 Although not an infestation or plague of frogs, the representation of the unclean spirits as frogs is undoubtedly meant as a reminder of the frogs of the Exodus.

4 Lice are not specifically mentioned, but may be among the plagues brought by the two witnesses.

5 Flies are not specifically mentioned, but may be among the plagues brought by the two witnesses.

6 This is not a direct correlation, but a similarity. In both cases, the food source of the enemies of God is destroyed. In other judgments, crops were also destroyed: Ex. Ex. 9:22-23; Ps. Ps. 105:33-35 cf. Rev. Rev. 8:7+.

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