5.3.3. Jezreel Valley

The Jezreel Valley is what many call the Valley of Armageddon. “So what is know as the Valley of Armageddon in Christian circles is actually the biblical Valley of Jezreel. The term Armageddon is never applied to the valley itself, but only to the mount at the western end.”1

Jezreel Valley

Jezreel Valley 2

“The Valley of Jezreel is a lowland corridor extending southeastward from the Bay of Acco (modern Haifa Bay) to the edge of the Jordan Valley at Beth-shean. It is known today as Emek Yizreel, or more simply the Emek.”3 The town of Jezreel divides it into two regions, to the west is the central plain of Megiddo. Jos. 12:12; Jdg. Jdg. 5:19; 2K. 2K. 23:29). Megiddo itself served as a military stronghold for several generations (cf. Jdg. Jdg. 1:27; 2K. 2K. 8:27).”4


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