3.2.25. Little Horn

In Daniel’s night vision, an eleventh “little horn” rises up among the ten horns of the fourth and final terrible beast (Dan. Dan. 7:8, Dan. 7:24). This eleventh, little horn, has an appearance greater than the other horns (Dan. Dan. 7:20). He eventually overcomes three of the ten horns [#25-#24] (Dan. Dan. 7:8, Dan. 7:24), leaving only seven horns with himself as an eighth (Dan. Dan. 7:8). The little horn which was eleventh—now eighth—corresponds to the eighth head. Although the heads represent sequential kingdoms of history and the horns represent contemporary kings of the last kingdom, these are one and the same in the little horn. For he is both the ruler of the final kingdom (head) and the primary king (horn) among the kings of the end. Since the Beast and little horn are one and the same individual, we are not surprised to observe that the little horn has a number of personal attributes which identify him with the final Beast who is the revived ruler from among the seventh kingdom, the form of the terrible beast at the time of the end. See #16 - Beast. See Symbols of Kingdoms.