Revelation 2:19

I know
See commentary on Revelation 2:2.

your works, love, service, faith, ... your patience
The ministry (“service,” διακονίαν [diakonian] ) of the saints at Thyatira evidenced the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. Gal. 5:22). Their faith was real and made evident by their works (Tit. Tit. 3:8, Tit. 3:14; Jas. Jas. 2:22). The grammar implies that love, service, faith, and patience may be an elaboration of their works and that their love and faith are evidenced by their service and patience. 1

the last are more than the first
Rev. 2:5+; cf. Mtt; 12:45; 2Pe. 2Pe. 2:10).”2


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