Revelation 3:11

I am coming quickly
“The placement of this fifth promise at this point is clear implication that the deliverance of the faithful will occur in conjunction with His coming. It holds open the possibility that His coming will happen before this generation passes, but does not guarantee it. This heightens the expectancy of Christ’s coming soon, a possibility which is stressed further by the presence of tachy (‘soon’).”1 See commentary on Revelation 1:1. See Imminency.

hold fast
κράτει [kratei] , a present tense imperative: “be continually holding fast!” The same thought as those who are blessed in Revelation Rev. 1:3+.

that no one may take your crown
The crown of life was promised to the overcomer in Smyrna (Rev. Rev. 2:10+). Since a specific crown is not identified, “Perhaps here the more general meaning of victory attached to stephanon should remain undefined.”2 See Crowns.


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