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Revelation 5:5

Revelation 5:5

Actually Reuben had the right of the firstborn. Nevertheless the Messiah is not “Lion out of the tribe of Reuben.” For, on account of sin (as recorded in Gen. Gen. 35:22), Reuben was deprived of his firstborn rights and the right concerning the Messiah (1Chr. 1Chr. 5:1; Gen. Gen. 49:3-4). The next following brothers, Simeon and Levi, were also excluded (Gen. Gen. 49:5-7) on account of their bloody deed at Shechem (Gen. Gen. 34:25). Thereupon Reuben’s rights as the firstborn were divided as follows: The double share of the material inheritance (Deu. Deu. 21:15-17) went to Joseph (in Ephraim and Manasseh; 1Chr. 1Chr. 5:1-2); The priestly dignity (see Ex. Ex. 13:2, Ex. 13:15), having regard to Ex. Ex. 32:26-28, went to Levi (Num. Num. 3:12, Num. 3:45; Num. 8:17-18); and The ruler’s dignity (Gen. Gen. 43:1-34; Gen. 33:1-20; Gen. 48:14, Gen. 48:18-19) went to Judah, Jacob’s fourth son (1Chr. 1Chr. 5:2). Therefore is the Messiah the “Lion out of the tribe of Judah” (Rev. Rev. 5:5+; Gen. Gen. 49:9-10).2

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6 “As the ‘root’ of David, He existed before David, that is, He is eternal. And as the ‘offspring’ or descendant of David, He is the rightful Heir to the throne of David, and the One who will fulfill the covenanted blessings promised to David.”—Mal Couch, ed., A Bible Handbook to Revelation (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications, 2001), 93. Mat. 22:42-45. Hence He is called not merely Son of David, but also David. He is at once ‘the branch’ of David, and ‘the root’ of David.”—A. R. Fausset, “The Revelation of St. John the Divine,” in Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset, and David Brown, A Commentary, Critical and Explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments (Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 1997, 1877), Rev. 5:5.

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11 “ ‘The Messiah shall be called Shiloh to indicate that he was born of a woman and would therefore not be a divine being.’ The amniotic sac in which the fetus is formed in the womb is called the shilyah in Hebrew. This is similar to sheloh, the Hebrew word for Shiloh. This is one of the rabbinic arguments against the divinity of Messiah.”—Fruchtenbaum, Messianic Christology, 23. Rabbinic interpretation associated the title Shiloh with the Messiah: a midrash takes “Shiloh” to refer to “King Messiah” (Genesis R. 98.13), the Babylonian Talmud lists “Shi’loh” as one of the names of the Messiah (Sanhedrin 98b), and Medieval Jewish Biblical expositor Rashi makes the following comment: “Shiloh - i.e. King Messiah whose is the Kingdom.” Note that Eze. Eze. 21:25-27 was given to Zedekiah, the last king of the Davidic dynasty.

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