Revelation 9:12

One woe is past
This speaks of the first of the three woes (Rev. Rev. 8:13+), the judgment of the fifth trumpet (Rev. Rev. 9:1-11+). See commentary on Revelation 8:13.

Behold, still two more woes are coming
John writes behold because, as terrible as this first woe has been, the two remaining woes are still worse. This woe brought torment, but the second woe—the judgment of the sixth trumpet—brings the release of a demonic army the likes of which the earth has never seen (Rev. Rev. 9:13-19+, Rev. 11:14+) and the third woe—the judgments of the seventh trumpet—brings the seven bowls of God’s wrath (Rev. Rev. 11:15+; Rev. 15:7+; Rev. 16:2-4+, Rev. 16:8+, Rev. 16:10+, Rev. 16:12+, Rev. 16:17+).

after these things
μετὰ ταῦτα [meta tauta] , the familiar chronological indicator which partitions John’s vision.