1 Corinthians 10:17

One bread (ei arto). One loaf. Who are many (oi polloi). The many. We all (oi pante). We the all, the whole number, oi pante being in apposition with the subject we (hmei unexpressed). Partake (metecomen). Have a part with or in, share in. See on Philippians 9:12 ; Hebrews 2:14 ; Hebrews 5:13 (partaking of milk). Of the one bread (tou eno artou). Of the one loaf, the article tou referring to one loaf already mentioned. One body (en swma). Here the mystical spiritual body of Christ as in Hebrews 12:12 , the spiritual kingdom or church of which Christ is head ( Colossians 1:18 ; Ephesians 5:23 ).