1 Corinthians 10:7

Neither be ye idolaters (mhde eidwlolatrai ginesqe). Literally, stop becoming idolaters, implying that some of them had already begun to be. The word eidwlolatrh seems to be a Christian formation to describe the Christian view. Eating ta eidwloquta might become a stepping-stone to idolatry in some instances. Drink (pein). Short form for piein, sometimes even pin occurs (Robertson, Grammar, p. 204). To play (paizein). This old verb to play like a child occurs nowhere else in the N.T., but is common in the LXX and it is quoted here from Exodus 32:6 . In idolatrous festivals like that witnessed by Moses when he saw the people singing and dancing around the golden calf ( Exodus 32:18 ).