1 Corinthians 11:15

Have long hair (komai). Present active subjunctive of komaw (from komh, hair), old verb, same contraction (-ah=ai) as the indicative (aei = ai), but subjunctive here with ean in third class condition. Long hair is a glory to a woman and a disgrace to a man (as we still feel). The long-haired man! There is a papyrus example of a priest accused of letting his hair grow long and of wearing woollen garments. For a covering (anti peribolaiou). Old word from periballw to fling around, as a mantle ( Hebrews 1:12 ) or a covering or veil as here. It is not in the place of a veil, but answering to (anti, in the sense of anti in John 1:16 ), as a permanent endowment (dedotai, perfect passive indicative).