1 Corinthians 11:23

For I received of the Lord (ego gar parelabon apo tou Kuriou). Direct claim to revelation from the Lord Jesus on the origin of the Lord's Supper. Luke's account ( Luke 22:17-20 ) is almost identical with this one. He could easily have read I Corinthians before he wrote his Gospel. See Luke 15:3 for use of both parelabon and paredwka. Note para in both verbs. Paul received the account from (para--apo) the Lord and passed it on from himself to them, a true paradosi (tradition) as in Luke 11:2 . He was betrayed (paredideto). Imperfect passive indicative (irregular form for paredidoto, Robertson, Grammar, p. 340). Same verb as paredwka (first aorist active indicative just used for "I delivered").