1 Corinthians 13:12

In a mirror (di esoptrou). By means of a mirror (esoptron, from optw, old word, in papyri). Ancient mirrors were of polished metal, not glass, those in Corinth being famous. Darkly (en ainigmati). Literally, in an enigma. Old word from ainissomai, to express obscurely. This is true of all ancient mirrors. Here only in N.T., but often in LXX. "To see a friend's face in a cheap mirror would be very different from looking at the friend" (Robertson and Plummer). Face to face (proswpon pro proswpon). Note triple use of pro which means facing one as in John 1:1 . Proswpon is old word from pro and op, eye, face. Shall I know (epignwsomai). I shall fully (epi-) know. Future middle indicative as ginwskw (I know) is present active and epegnwsqhn (I was fully known) is first aorist passive (all three voices).