1 Corinthians 13:3

Bestow to feed (Pswmisw). First aorist active subjunctive of pswmizw, to feed, to nourish, from pswmo, morsel or bit, and so to feed, by putting a morsel into the mouth like infant (or bird). Old word, but only here in N.T. To be burned (ina kauqhswmai). First future passive subjunctive (Textus Receptus), but D kauqhsomai (future passive indicative of kaiw, old word to burn). There were even some who courted martyrdom in later years (time of Diocletian). This Byzantine future subjunctive does not occur in the old MSS. (Robertson, Grammar, p. 876). Aleph A B here read kauchswmai, first aorist middle subjunctive of kaucaomai (so Westcott and Hort), "that I may glory." This is correct. It profiteth me nothing (ouden wpeloumai). Literally, I am helped nothing. Ouden in the accusative case retained with passive verb. See two accusatives with wpelew in Matthew 14:6 . Verb is old and from opelo (profit).