1 Corinthians 14:34

Keep silence in the churches (en tai ekklhsiai sigatwsan). The same verb used about the disorders caused by speakers in tongues (verse Luke 28 ) and prophets ( Luke 30 ). For some reason some of the women were creating disturbance in the public worship by their dress ( Luke 11:2-16 ) and now by their speech. There is no doubt at all as to Paul's meaning here. In church the women are not allowed to speak (lalein) nor even to ask questions. They are to do that at home (en oikwi). He calls it a shame (aiscron) as in Luke 11:6 (cf. Ephesians 5:12 ; Titus 1:11 ). Certainly women are still in subjection (upotassesqwsan) to their husbands (or ought to be). But somehow modern Christians have concluded that Paul's commands on this subject, even 1 Timothy 2:12 , were meant for specific conditions that do not apply wholly now. Women do most of the teaching in our Sunday schools today. It is not easy to draw the line. The daughters of Philip were prophetesses. It seems clear that we need to be patient with each other as we try to understand Paul's real meaning here.