1 Corinthians 14:7

Things without life (apsuca). Without a soul (a privative, psuch) or life. Old word only here in N.T. Pipe (aulo). Old word (from aw, auw, to blow), only here in N.T. Harp (kiqara). Old word. Stringed instrument as pipe, a wind instrument. If they give not a distinction in the sounds (ean diastolhn toi pqoggoi mh dwi). Third class condition with second aorist active subjunctive dwi from didwmi. Common word in late Greek for difference (diastellw, to send apart). In N.T. only here and Romans 3:22 ; Romans 10:12 . Pqoggo old word (from pqeggomai) for musical sounds vocal or instrumental. In N.T. only here and Romans 10:18 .