1 Corinthians 15:27

He put (upetaxen). First aorist active of upotassw, to subject. Supply God (qeo) as subject ( Psalms 8:7 ). See Hebrews 2:5-9 for similar use. Cf. Psalms 8:1 . But when he saith (otan de eiph). Here Christ must be supplied as the subject if the reference is to his future and final triumph. The syntax more naturally calls for God as the subject as before. Either way makes sense. But there is no need to take eiph (second aorist active subjunctive) as a futurum exactum, merely "whenever he shall say." Are put in subjection (upotetaktai). Perfect passive indicative, state of completion, final triumph. It is evident that (dhlon oti). Supply estin (is) before oti. He is excepted who did subject (ekto tou upotaxanto). "Except the one (God) who did subject (articular aorist active participle) the all things to him (Christ)."