1 Corinthians 15:35

But some one will say (alla erei ti). Paul knows what the sceptics were saying. He is a master at putting the standpoint of the imaginary adversary. How (pw). This is still the great objection to the resurrection of our bodies. Granted that Jesus rose from the dead, for the sake of argument, these sceptics refuse to believe in the possibility of our resurrection. It is the attitude of Matthew Arnold who said, "Miracles do not happen." Scientifically we know the "how" of few things. Paul has an astounding answer to this objection. Death itself is the way of resurrection as in the death of the seed for the new plant (verses 1 Peter 36 ). With what manner of body (poiwi swmati). This is the second question which makes plainer the difficulty of the first. The first body perishes. Will that body be raised? Paul treats this problem more at length (verses 1 Peter 38-54 ) and by analogy of nature (Cf. Butler's famous Analogy). It is a spiritual, not a natural, body that is raised. Swma here is an organism. Flesh (sarx) is the swma for the natural man, but there is spiritual (pneumatikon) swma for the resurrection.