1 Corinthians 15:42

So is the resurrection of the dead (outw kai h anastasi twn nekrwn). Paul now applies his illustrations to his argument to prove the kind of body we shall have after the resurrection. He does it by a series of marvellous contrasts that gather all his points. The earthly and the risen beings differ in duration, value, power (Wendt). It is sown (speiretai). In death, like the seed ( James 37 ). In incorruption (en apqarsiai). Late word from a privative and pqeirw, to corrupt. In LXX, Plutarch, Philo, late papyrus of a Gnostic gospel, and quotation from Epicurus. Vulgate incorruptio. The resurrection body has undergone a complete change as compared with the body of flesh like the plant from the seed. It is related to it, but it is a different body of glory.