1 Corinthians 15:44

A natural body (swma psucikon). See on Philippians 2:14 for this word, a difficult one to translate since psuch has so many meanings. Natural is probably as good a rendering as can be made, but it is not adequate, for the body here is not all psuch either as soul or life. The same difficulty exists as to a spiritual body (swma pneumatikon). The resurrection body is not wholly pneuma. Caution is needed here in filling out details concerning the psuch and the pneuma. But certainly he means to say that the "spiritual body" has some kind of germinal connection with the "natural body," though the development is glorious beyond our comprehension though not beyond the power of Christ to perform ( Philippians 3:21 ). The force of the argument remains unimpaired though we cannot follow fully into the thought beyond us. If there is (ei estin). "If there exists" (estin means this with accent on first syllable), a condition of first class assumed as true. There is also (estin kai). There exists also.