1 Corinthians 15:54

Shall have put on (endushtai). First aorist middle subjunctive with otan whenever, merely indefinite future, no futurum exactum, merely meaning, "whenever shall put on," not "shall have put on." Is swallowed up (katepoqh). First aorist passive indicative of katapinw, old verb to drink down, swallow down. Perfective use of kata- where we say "up," "swallow up." Timeless use of the aorist tense. Paul changes the active voice katepien in Isaiah 25:8 to the passive. Death is no longer victory. Theodotion reads the Hebrew verb (bulla, for billa,) as passive like Paul. It is the "final overthrow of the king of Terrors" (Findlay) as shown in Hebrews 2:15 .