1 Corinthians 15:2

In what words I preached it unto you (tini logoi euhggelisamhn umin). Almost certainly ti (tini logoi, locative or instrumental, in or with) here is used like the relative o as is common in papyri (Moulton, Prolegomena, p. 93f.; Robertson, Grammar, p. 737f.). Even so it is not clear whether the clause depends on gnwrizw like the other relatives, but most likely so. If we hold it fast (ei katecete). Condition of first class. Paul assumes that they are holding it fast. Except ye believed in vain (ekto ei mh eikh episteusate). For ekto ei mh see on 1 Timothy 14:5 . Condition of first class, unless in fact ye did believe to no purpose (eikh, old adverb, only in Paul in N.T.). Paul holds this peril over them in their temptation to deny the resurrection.