1 Corinthians 2:8

Knoweth (egnwken). Has known, has discerned, perfect active indicative of ginwskw. They have shown amazing ignorance of God's wisdom. For had they known it (ei gar egnwsan). Condition of the second class, determined as unfulfilled, with aorist active indicative in both condition (egnwsan) and conclusion with an (ouk an estaurwsan). Peter in the great sermon at Pentecost commented on the "ignorance" (kata agnoian) of the Jews in crucifying Christ ( Acts 3:17 ) as the only hope for repentance on their part ( Acts 3:19 ). The Lord of glory (ton Kurion th doxh). Genitive case doxh, means characterized by glory, "bringing out the contrast between the indignity of the Cross ( Hebrews 12:2 ) and the majesty of the Victim ( Luke 22:69 ; Luke 23:43 )" (Robertson and Plummer). See James 2:1 ; Acts 7:2 ; Ephesians 1:17 ; Hebrews 9:5 .