1 Corinthians 3:19

Foolishness with God (mwria para twi qewi). Whose standard does a church (temple) of God wish, that of this world or of God? The two standards are not the same. It is a pertinent inquiry with us all whose idea rules in our church. Paul quotes Job 5:13 . That taketh (o drassomeno). Old verb drassomai, to grasp with the hand, is used here for the less vivid word in the LXX katalambanwn. It occurs nowhere else in the N.T., but appears in the papyri to lay hands on. Job is quoted in the N.T. only here and in Romans 11:35 and both times with variations from the LXX. This word occurs in Ecclesiasticus 26:7; 34:2. In Psalms 2:12 the LXX has draxasqe paideia, lay hold on instruction. Craftiness (panourgiai). The panourgo man is ready for any or all work (if bad enough). So it means versatile cleverness (Robertson and Plummer), astutia (Vulgate).