1 Corinthians 3:4

For when one saith (otan gar legh ti). Indefinite temporal clause with the present subjunctive of repetition (Robertson, Grammar, p. 972). Each instance is a case in point and proof abundant of the strife. Of Paul (Paulou). Predicate genitive, belong to Paul, on Paul's side. Of Apollos (Apollw). Same genitive, but the form is the so-called Attic second declension. See the nominative Apollw in verse Acts 5 . Men (anqrwpoi). Just mere human creatures (anqrwpoi, generic term for mankind), in the flesh (sarkinoi), acting like the flesh (sarkikoi), not pneumatikoi, as if still psucikoi. It was a home-thrust. Paul would not even defend his own partisans.