1 Corinthians 3:2

I fed you with milk, not with meat (gala uma epotisa, ou brwma). Note two accusatives with the verb, epotisa, first aorist active indicative of potizw, as with other causative verbs, that of the person and of the thing. In the LXX and the papyri the verb often means to irrigate. Brwma does not mean meat (flesh) as opposed to bread, but all solid food as in "meats and drinks" ( Hebrews 9:7 ). It is a zeugma to use epotisa with brwma. Paul did not glory in making his sermons thin and watery. Simplicity does not require lack of ideas or dulness. It is pathetic to think how the preacher has to clip the wings of thought and imagination because the hearers cannot go with him. But nothing hinders great preaching like the dulness caused by sin on the part of auditors who are impatient with the high demands of the gospel.