1 Corinthians 4:2

Here (wde). Either here on earth or in this matter. It is always local. Moreover (loipon). Like loipon in Ephesians 1:16 which see, accusative of general reference, as for what is left, besides. It is required (zhteitai). It is sought. Many MSS. read zhteite, ye seek, an easy change as ai and e came to be pronounced alike (Robertson, Grammar, p. 186). That a man be found faithful (ina pisto ti eureqh). Non-final use of ina with first aorist passive subjunctive of euriskw, the result of the seeking (zhtew). Fidelity is the essential requirement in all such human relationships, in other words, plain honesty in handling money like bank-clerks or in other positions of trust like public office.