1 Corinthians 6:20

For ye were bought with a price (hgorasqhte gar timh). First aorist passive indicative of agorazw, old verb to buy in the marketplace (agora). With genitive of price. Paul does not here state the price as Peter does in 1 Peter 1:19 (the blood of Christ) and as Jesus does in Matthew 20:28 (his life a ransom). The Corinthians understood his meaning. Glorify God therefore in your body (doxasate dh ton qeon en twi swmati umwn). Passionate conclusion to his powerful argument against sexual uncleanness. Dh is a shortened form of hdh and is an urgent inferential particle. See on "Lu 2:15". Paul holds to his high ideal of the destiny of the body and urges glorifying God in it. Some of the later Christians felt that Paul's words could be lightened a bit by adding "and in your spirits which are his," but these words are found only in late MSS. and are clearly not genuine. Paul's argument stands four-square for the dignity of the body as the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit united to the Lord Jesus.