1 Corinthians 6:2

Shall judge the world (ton kosmon krinousin). Future active indicative. At the last day with the Lord Jesus ( Matthew 19:28 ; Luke 22:30 ). Are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? (anaxioi este krithriwn elacistwn;). Anaxio is an old word (an and axio), though only here in the N.T. There is dispute as to the meaning of krithria here and in verse Luke 4 , old word, but nowhere else in N.T. save in James 2:6 . Naturally, like other words in -thrion (akroathrion, auditorium, Acts 25:23 ), this word means the place where judgment is rendered, or court. It is common in the papyri in the sense of tribunal. In the Apost. Const. ii. 45 we have mh ercesqw epi krithrion eqnikon (Let him not come before a heathen tribunal). Hence here it would mean, "Are ye unworthy of the smallest tribunals?" That is, of sitting on the smallest tribunals, of forming courts yourselves to settle such things?