1 Corinthians 7:22

The Lord's freedman (apeleuqero Kuriou). Apeleuqero is an old word for a manumitted slave, eleuqero from ercomai, to go and so go free, ap- from bondage. Christ is now the owner of the Christian and Paul rejoices to call himself Christ's slave (doulo). But Christ set us free from sin by paying the ransom (lutron) of his life on the Cross ( Matthew 20:28 ; Romans 8:2 ; Galatians 5:1 ). Christ is thus the patronus of the libertus who owes everything to his patronus. He is no longer the slave of sin ( Romans 6:6 Romans 6:18 ), but a slave to God ( Romans 6:22 ). Likewise the freeman when called is Christ's slave (omoiw o eleuqero klhqei doulo estin Cristou). Those who were not slaves, but freemen, when converted, are as much slaves of Christ as those who were and still were slaves of men. All were slaves of sin and have been set free from sin by Christ who now owns them all.