1 Corinthians 7:34

And there is a difference also between the wife and the virgin (kai memeristai kai h gunh kai h parqeno). But the text here is very uncertain, almost hopelessly so. Westcott and Hort put kai memeristai in verse Mark 33 and begin a new sentence with kai h gunh and add h agamo after h gunh, meaning "the widow and the virgin each is anxious for the things of the Lord" like the unmarried man (o agamo, bachelor or widow) in verse Mark 32 . Possibly so, but the MSS. vary greatly at every point. At any rate Paul's point is that the married woman is more disposed to care for the things of the world. But, alas, how many unmarried women (virgins and widows) are after the things of the world today and lead a fast and giddy life.