1 Corinthians 7:5

Except it be by consent for a season (ei mhti [an] ek sumpwnou pro kairon). If an is genuine, it can either be regarded as like ean though without a verb or as loosely added after ei mhti and construed with it. That ye may give yourselves unto prayer (ina scolashte th proseuch). First aorist active subjunctive of scolazw, late verb from scolh, leisure (our "school"), and so to have leisure (punctiliar act and not permanent) for prayer. Note private devotions here. That Satan tempt you not (ina mh peirazh). Present subjunctive, that Satan may not keep on tempting you. Because of your incontinency (dia thn akrasian [umwn]). A late word from Aristotle on for akrateia from akrath (without self-control, a privative and kratew, to control, common old word). In N.T. only here and Matthew 23:25 which see.