1 Corinthians 8:10

If a man see thee which hast knowledge sitting at meat in an idol's temple (ean gar ti idh [se] ton econta gnwsin en eidwleiwi katakeimenon). Condition of third class, a possible case. Paul draws the picture of the enlightened brother exercising his "liberty" by eating in the idol's temple. Later he will discuss the peril to the man's own soul in this phase of the matter ( Romans 10:14-22 ), but here he considers only the effect of such conduct on the unenlightened or weak brother. This bravado at a sacrificial banquet is in itself idolatrous as Paul will show. But our weak brother will be emboldened (oikodomhqhsetai, future passive indicative, will be built up) to go on and do what he still believes to be wrong, to eat things sacrificed to idols (ei to ta eidwloquta esqiein). Alas, how often that has happened. Defiance is flung in the face of the unenlightened brother instead of loving consideration.