1 Corinthians 8:8

Will not commend (ou parasthsei). Future active indicative of paristhmi, old word to present as in Acts 1:3 ; Luke 2:22 ; Colossians 1:28 . Food (brwma) will not give us an entree to God for commendation or condemnation, whether meat-eaters or vegetarians. Are we the worse (usteroumeqa). Are we left behind, do we fall short. Both conditions are of the third class (ean mh, ean) undetermined. Are we the better (perisseuomeqa). Do we overflow, do we have excess of credit. Paul here disposes of the pride of knowledge (the enlightened ones) and the pride of prejudice (the unenlightened). Each was disposed to look down upon the other, the one in scorn of the other's ignorance, the other in horror of the other's heresy and daring.