1 Corinthians 9:17

Of mine own will (ekwn) --not of mine own will (akwn). Both common adjectives, but only here in N.T. save ekwn, also in Romans 8:20 . The argument is not wholly clear. Paul's call was so clear that he certainly did his work willingly and so had a reward (see on "Mt 6:1" for misqo); but the only reward that he had for his willing work (Marcus Dods) was to make the gospel free of expense (adapanon, verse Romans 18 , rare word, here only in N.T., once in inscription at Priene). This was his misqo. It was glorying (kauchma, to be able to say so as in Acts 20:33 ). I have a stewardship intrusted to me (oikonomian pepisteumai). Perfect passive indicative with the accusative retained. I have been intrusted with a stewardship and so would go on with my task like any oikonomo (steward) even if akwn (unwilling).