1 John 1:7

If we walk (ean peripatwmen). Condition of third class also with ean and present active subjunctive (keep on walking in the light with God). As he (w auto). As God is light (verse Nehemiah 5 ) and dwells in light unapproachable ( 1 Timothy 6:16 ). One with another (met allhlwn). As he has already said in verse 1 Timothy 3 . But we cannot have fellowship with one another unless we have it with God in Christ, and to do that we must walk in the light with God. And the blood of Jesus his Son cleanseth us from all sin (kai to aima Ihsou tou uiou autou kaqarizei hma apo pash amartia). This clause with kai in true Johannine style is coordinate with the preceding one. Walking in the light with God makes possible fellowship with one another and is made possible also by the blood of Jesus (real blood and no mere phantom, atoning blood of the sinless Son of God for our sins). John is not ashamed to use this word. It is not the mere "example" of Jesus that "cleanses" us from sin. It does cleanse the conscience and life and nothing else does ( Hebrews 9:13 ; Titus 2:14 ). See in verse 1 John 1:9 both forgiveness and cleansing. Cf. 1 John 3:3 .