1 John 1:6

If we say (ean eipwmen). Condition of third class with ean and second aorist (ingressive, up and say) active subjunctive. Claiming fellowship with God (see verse John 3 ) involves walking in the light with God (verse John 5 ) and not in the darkness (skoto here, but skotia in John 1:5 ). See 1 John 2:11 also for en th skotiai peripatew. We lie (pseudomeqa). Present middle indicative, plain Greek and plain English like that about the devil in John 8:44 . Do not the truth (ou poioumen thn alhqeian). Negative statement of the positive pseudomeqa as in John 8:44 . See John 3:21 for "doing the truth," like Nehemiah 9:33 .