1 John 2:14

I have written (egrapsa). Repeated three times. Epistolary aorist referring to this Epistle, not to a previous Epistle. Law (Tests of Life, p. 309) suggests that John was interrupted at the close of verse John 13 and resumes here in verse John 14 with a reference to what he had previously written in verse John 13 . But that is needless ingenuity. It is quite in John's style to repeat himself with slight variations. The Father (ton patera). The heavenly Father as all of God's children should come to know him. He repeats from verse John 13 what he said to "fathers." To the young men he adds iscuroi (strong) and the word of God abiding in them. That is what makes them powerful (iscuroi) and able to gain the victory over the evil one.