1 John 2:16

All that (pan to). Collective use of the neuter singular as in James 5:4 , like pan o in John 6:37 John 6:39 . Three examples, not necessarily covering all sins, are given in the nominative in apposition with pan to. "The lust of the flesh" (h epiqumia th sarko, subjective genitive, lust felt by the flesh) may be illustrated by Mark 4:19 ; Galatians 5:17 . So the genitive with h epiqumia twn opqalmwn (the lust of the eyes) is subjective, lust with the eyes as organs as shown by Jesus in Matthew 5:28 . The use of the "movies" today for gain by lustful exhibitions is a case in point. For alazoneia see on "Jas 4:16", the only other N.T. example. Alazwn (a boaster) occurs in Romans 1:30 ; 2 Timothy 3:2 . Bio (life) as in 1 John 3:17 is the external aspect ( Luke 8:14 ), not the inward principle (zwh). David Smith thinks that, as in the case of Eve ( Genesis 3:1-6 ) and the temptations of Jesus ( Matthew 4:1-11 ), these three sins include all possible sins. But they are all "of the world" (ek tou kosmou) in origin, in no sense "of the Father" (ek tou patro). The problem for the believer is always how to be in the world and yet not of it ( John 17:11 John 17:14 ).