1 John 2:27

And as for you (kai umei). Prolepsis again as in verse Acts 24 . Which ye received of him (o elabete ap autou). Second aorist active indicative of lambanw, a definite experience, this anointing (crisma), from Christ himself as in verse Acts 20 . This Paraclete was promised by Christ ( John 14:26 ; John 16:13 ) and came on the great Pentecost, as they knew, and in the experience of all who yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit. That any one teach you (ina ti didaskh uma). Sub-final use of ina and the present active subjunctive of didaskw, "that any one keep on teaching you." Teacheth you (didaskei uma). Present active indicative. The Holy Spirit was to bring all things to their remembrance ( John 14:26 ) and to bear witness concerning Christ ( John 15:26 ; John 16:12-15 ). Yet they need to be reminded of what they already know to be "true" (alhqe) and "no lie" (ouk estin pseudo), according to John's habit of positive and negative ( John 1:5 ). So he exhorts them to "abide in him" (menete en autwi, imperative active, though same form as the indicative). Precisely so Jesus had urged that the disciples abide in him ( John 15:4 ).